Our promise is to always use quality all-natural ingredients in every burrito, making it a delicious and nutritious meal you can eat every day. Each burrito is wrapped in a soft natural flour tortilla without any hydrogenated fats hidden inside. We use only the best authentic natural ingredients.

Our spicy beef is cooked to perfection with a juicy tender flavor that is simply amazing. Combined with our secret blend of spices, pinto beans, cheddar cheese and Mexican style rice you get perfection wrapped in a soft tortilla.

This is the only true Chicken Chipotle burrito you’ll find in a store. If not, we promise it’s the best tasting Chicken Chipotle burrito you will ever have! Our secret blend of spices, premium chicken, monetary cheese, pinto beans and Mexican style rice set this burrito apart from all others. You’ve never had a burrito like this before!

For those who appreciate the pure goodness of simplicity here’s a smooth, rich and original option loaded with flavor. Packed with choice mayocoba beans, pepper jack cheese and green chiles. Your taste buds will love this burrito!